Contribute to the Digital Archive

As part of creating an archive, the HSSD is asking for the public’s assistance in building a digital archive. Send us your photos, documents and other items to help build the digital archive. Have a photo you need help identifying, have a story you want to share, let us know. Contributing to the digital archive does not mean we need the physical item, only a digital copy of it.

If you need help with getting a digital copy, let us know. One of our volunteers can meet with you and scan or photograph the items you have.

Contact Us:

Send an email to

Terms of Use:

By submitting your item to the HSSD, you allow us to publish and distribute the digital version of your item with proper credit to the contributor. Publishing platforms used by the HSSD include the web site, the HSSD Facebook page, Twitter feed, and/or The Banner & Post, the society’s newsletter.