Hulbert-Valley United Church

The History of Hulbert-Valley United Church

In 134 years, the Hulbert congregation has worshipped in four churches, all of them on the same site that Hulbert-Valley stands today. We doubt that many congregations have had a similar experience! Wesley Methodist (1874) was replaced by a larger, more ornate church (Hulbert Methodist) in 1908; it underwent a name change with Church union in 1925 becoming Hulbert United. Unfortunately, fire destroyed all but the walls and the foundation in 1938, but the congregation had it rebuilt and dedicated within eight months.

In 1973, several of the Pleasant Valley congregation joined with Hulbert United a year after their own church burnt to the ground.

In September 1979, Hulbert-Valley United Church was again a victim of fire; again, the congregation rebuilt on the sturdy 1907-8 foundation, with the ‘new’ Hulbert-Valley church opened and dedicated within seven months of the fire that destroyed its predecessor.

All four churches had one thing in common – on the day that each was dedicated, the new church was debt-free!

This written history is courtesy of the Iroquois-Matilda Pastoral Charge of the United Church of Canada.