Community Church celebrates 25 years


Community Christian Reformed Church of Matilda Township Article – April 30, 2014 – Courtesy The Morrisburg Leader

DIXON’S CORNERS — Coming up this weekend the congregation of the Community Christian Reformed Church of Matilda Township will celebrate its 25th anniversary.

The birth of the Community Church in Matilda Township came out of necessity when the church at Williamsburg became over-crowded. Started in 1952, by the late 1980’s the Williamsburg congregation consisted of some 100 plus families. Two services were being held to accommodate over 300 people at morning worship and another 150 in the evening. “We came to the point where we either had to add on
to the church in Williamsburg or to split,” says anniversary committee member Betty Dentz. “There was a group from this area [former Matilda township] that said ‘let’s split’. We were all in the old church building in Williamsburg, which I believe burned before we got our church here built.” (The original Williamsburg
church building burned in March 1991, while the Community Christian Reformed Church, located just south of Dixon’s Corners, was under construction.)

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From the April 30, 2014 issue of The Morrisburg Leader

Archive Note: This contribution is courtesy of The Morrisburg Leader. Thank you to Bonnie McNairn for sending this in.